Chance me please

<p>I would like to transfer to LSU.</p>

<p>High school (Really bad)
GPA: 2.6 unweighted
GPA: 2.7 weighted
ACT: 22 (Eng: 22, Math: 21, Reading: 20, Science: 24, Eng/Writing: 21/7)
SAT: 1470/2400 (Reading: 530, Math; 490, Writing: 450)</p>

<p>College: The University of Southern Mississippi
GPA: 3.2 (Will be about a 3.5 after finals)
Major: Computer Science</p>

<p>I think if you get some extra curriculars you will be a shoe in</p>

<p>Okay thanks. Yes I am trying to get into some organizations. Do you think I have a chance at any scholarships? Also do you know if LSU waives out of state fees?</p>

<p>Bump 10 char</p>