Chance me please !!

<p>SAT: 2100
SAT 2: Math 2, span., chem. (800's)
ACT: 34
GPA 2.89-3.0(sophomore year killed me because I had a disease due to my heart transplant)
AP: 13 total all fives... most self studied sonce my school doesn't offer them or either because I was not eligible</p>

<p>EC's lot-- programming computers for Dell, Apple. Math Club (pres.) Science Olympioad (pres) Robotics Club( founder and pres.) School newspaper(editor in chief), Soldering sonograms for the US navy (passion), Volleyball (passion)-- play for a regional club and am known nationally for winning many medals including the junior world championship and the Olympics!!</p>

USAMO: 3x qual.
AIME 5x qualifier
IchO, IphO, IBo, IMO (gold medal winner)
USABO (4x)
USACO (4x)
Siemens westinghouse grand prize winner 2009
Intel ISEF: Regional Finalist</p>

<p>What are my chances bacause I will be known as an international applicant even though I live in CA. REALLY REALLY Want to attend this school but worried my GPA wont let me but I have a valid heart transplant reason to back up for those poor grades but stil... DEEPLY WORRIED PLS CHANCE MEEEE !!!</p>