Chance me please? :)

<p>Hello! I was hoping someone could chance me for Syracuse. </p>

<p>Race: white
Gender: female</p>

<p>GPA: 94 weighted, 90 unweighted
SAT: 1840 (630 reading, 570 math, 640 writing)
ACT: 28, writing score 30</p>

<p>Courses: 7 AP classes (Biology, Chemistry, US History, English Comp, English Lang, Spanish, Statistics), rest are honors courses</p>

-Tutor at local elementary school
-National Honors Society
-Spanish Honors society
-Volunteer at local nursing home (weekly)
-Volunteer at local food pantry
-Drug free club (plans events, promotes being drug free)
-Student representative for board of education (meet with a few other students, teachers, administrators, and parents to discuss issues in the school and how to improve upon them)
-Volunteered/helped organize annual lacrosse clinic for young players
-Lacrosse referee</p>

-Lacrosse (Varsity all 4 years, MVP last year)
-Basketball (9-10)</p>

<p>Work Experience:
-Local retail store (~20 hours/week, have worked there 9-12)
-Babysitting (actually very time consuming, more like a nanny)
-Unpaid summer internship (10-12, learn about how business works, did some clerical work, help with as many jobs as possible)</p>

-Exchange program to Mexico. Accepted by application through Spanish program, hosted student at my house for 1 week, then went to Mexico to learn about their culture for 2 weeks
-Higher income (~200k) but still will be applying for financial aid
-Both parents went to college</p>

-Essay is very unique, recs are great</p>

<p>I am planning to apply to the Whitman school for Finance most likely, but did list 2 back up schools. How are my chances looking?</p>

<p>good chance ^_^</p>

<p>"Higher income (~200k) but still will be applying for financial aid"</p>

<p>They'll tell you that your family makes $50K-$75K too much for need based aid. But still fill out the forms, or else you won't be considered for merit aid.</p>