Chance me please !!

SAT 2: chem, math 2, span. (all 800's)
ACT: 35
GPA:3.0 W (dismal, i know)-- due a many health and family issues during sophomore year which killed my GPA--- will explain in essays
AP: 13 AP's so far most self studied because my school doeasn't offer them. -- all 5's</p>

<p>Major Awards: AIME 5x qualifier, USAMO 4x qualifier, IMO (silver medal), IBO, IchO, IphO (all gold), AMC 8/10/12: perfect scores, USABO, USACO, USAPO (physics not philosophy)
Intel ISEF-- semifinalist, Siemens Westinghouse-- grand prize winner in 2009 competition</p>

Rbotics, math club, science olympiad( all pres. and founder). Soldering Sonograms for the Navy, Volleyball ( played at the olympics and am the junior world champion), Jeans for Japan (founder)-- donated pairs of jeans to japan after its earthquake, Designed an architectural plan for the capital of India after it experienced floods</p>

<p>Race: Indian
Sex: M
International but live in CA </p>

<p>I really really want to attend UT AUSTIN but am afraid my GPA wont let me. I have been passionate about everything that I have done in high school and will try my best to let that show on my essays. I had a heart transplant when I was very young and during sophomore year I got very very sick because of it including family troubles to top that off.
PLease tell me my chances!! Will chance back</p>

<p>Your GPA is definitely low but UT's new admissions process was created to catch gems like you who used to get flat rejected due to over-emphasis on numbers. Your application as a whole is very impressive and should grant you acceptance to most programs (including honors) at UT. Of course, nothing is a sure bet but your chances are great.</p>

<p>Best of luck!</p>

<p>I agree with frever. Explain your situation in the essay for anything else you would like to write about and hopefully you will get in because you are deserving.</p>

<p>Your chances are great! If you have a good essay explaining your situation, the college will absolutely take you.</p>