chance me please

<p>Do I have a chance at Middlebury? :) </p>

<p>GPA: 97 (unweighted), 101.5 (weighted)
SAT: 1890(superscore, I know that this is low)
SAT II: Bio (E): 750 U.S. History: 730 </p>

<p>APs: AP US History(5), AP Bio(4), AP Envi(3), AP Lang/Comp(3) </p>

<p>Currently taking: AP Gov, AP Lit, AP Spanish, AP Physics, Pre Calc H</p>

<p>Academic awards:
*AP Scholar with Honors (2011)
*National Spanish Exam “Bronze Award” (2010)
*Student of the Month: Algebra II/Trigonometry (2010)
*Student of the Month: Spanish 3 (2010)
*Highest Academic Average in Algebra II/Trigonometry (2010)
*Highest Academic Average in Spanish 3 (2010)
*National Spanish Exam “Silver Award” (2009)
*Student of the Month Social Studies (AP Gov) (Sept 2011)</p>

<p>Extracurricular Activities
NHS (secretary), forensics club (treasurer) forensics competition team (treasurer), tri fit club, varsity xc (2 yrs), varsity winter track (4 yrs and many awards), varsity spring track (4yrs), habitat for humanity (treasurer), spanish club, marching band, Spanish Honor Society </p>

*Help disabled horseback riders through a therapeutic riding program (2 hrs/wk)
*tutor (1 hr/wk)
*other volunteering at my camp (during the school yr) and at my school</p>

<p>Work Experience
Camp counselor and event organizer (40hrs/wk for 8wks)</p>

<p>Take another SAT II. Your SAT I score won't cut it.</p>

<p>Agreed. Those are really good SAT II scores. One more like that would put you in a good position.</p>

<p>Like Spanish, maybe?</p>

<p>Thanks! I was actually considering taking Math I b/c right now I am in Pre Calc H (scheduling conflict in junior yr prevented me from taking precalc H, so that is why I am not taking AP Calc this yr) Does Math I look ok to send, or is Middlebury looking for Math II?</p>

<p>SATs are low. </p>

<p>If you are from NE or NY you won't get in... possible if from an under represented state of region</p>

<p>It's OK. Get above a 700.</p>

<p>Math I is fine, but I would take a couple more SAT IIs and see how you do. You only have to submit your 3 highest scores and if they're all above 700, that's great - you don't have to submit your SAT I scores at Midd. Good luck!</p>