Chance me PLEASE

<p>I'm applying to RD to:
Miami Ohio
Denver (legacy)
CU Boulder
UWisc Madison
Lewis and Clark

<p>Spent one year at my local public school and have spent four at a small competitive New England Boarding School.
GPA: 2.6/4.0 uw
GPA (this year so far, one trimester completed): 3.9/4.0 uw (I have been diagnosed with pretty severe ADD which I have tried to work through my entire life, this is my first year my parents agreed to let me try medication and that is reflected in my grades)
course rigor (throughout high school): 3 AP's (3 on the AP Euro exam, I'm taking the others this year), 2 honors
SAT scores: 680 math, 620 reading, 580 writing
teacher recs: one excellent, one good
special classes: I want to go to architecture school at some point though I do not have a portfolio yet, this year I'm doing an architectural design independent study where I'm drawing floor plans, facades, and then building models
essay: pretty well-written, about how climbing has taught me that adequate preparation ultimately leads to the accomplishment of goals no matter how improbable they seem </p>

-lacrosse, three seasons, one year captain
-soccer, two seasons
-xc mountain bike race, three seasons
-competition snowboarding, two seasons</p>

-chinese club, two year vice president
-international/go global club, three years
-student tour guide, three years
-amnesty international, three years
-gay straight alliance, two years
-foodie club, one year
-snowboarding club, two years
-outing club, one year</p>

-many top three climbing competition finishes (aspiring pro)
-eight years of taekwondo (second degree black belt)
-designed and built an 800 sq ft tarp pavilion on display in UMaine Augusta quad
-designed hats sold at schools bookstore
-organized many food/clothing/toy drives</p>

-YMCA (over 600 hours)
-UMaine Orono climbing gym (over 200 hours)
-synagogue (20 hours)
-local trail maintenance (15 hours)
-various places through my school (60 hours)</p>

-UMaine Orono climbing gym (one summer, only non-student employee)
-private farm (one summer)</p>