Chance me please

<p>Applying for Fall 2012</p>

California resident
Competitive school ( Walnut High school) 2nd highest in San Gabriel valley
Gpa : 3.4 UN 3.5 W
Sat I : 1820 total
class rank 194/764</p>

<p>Junior year = full honors classes
Chem H, English H, US History H, pre-calc, </p>

<p>Senior year -
AP Calc AB
AP Government
AP environmental science
Eng Regular </p>

300+ hours of community service
Vice president of Amnesty International
4 years of Interact
3 years of wrestling </p>

Outstanding spanish award ( freshman year)</p>

<p>To be honest, probably not. Both your weighted GPA and SAT are fairly low. UC's are very numbers based. I'm a freshmen currently. I know people with low GPAs but they made up for it with very high SAT's (like 2200+). It seems like everyone here has around a 3.9 weighted and 1900. For top high schools, stats are even harder. I went to a top high school and the average stats of those admitted were around a 4.0 weighted and a 2000.</p>