chance me please? :)


<p>GPA: 4.0 unweighted
Rank: class doesn't rank...probably in top 10
SAT: 1890 (I know..)
(CR 640 M 630 W 620) the sad part is.. when i take practice tests and don't think about the clock.. I get a 770 every time in math and well above 680 in CR and W. I don't know what to do!!
SAT IIs: 660 Bio 640 Math II
APs: not sending
Sex: F
Ethnicity: Caucasian
State: DE
Private School</p>

<p>Senior course load:
APUSH, AP Physics C, AP Psych, College Level Theology, Computer Science Honors, Anatomy Honors (Block Scheduling)</p>

Common app essay: Living in China for the summer
Activities essay: The psychology behind being a salesgirl and the sociology of shopping
Harvard Essay: Made the seasons a metaphor for my personality changes</p>

1000+ hours community service
Three week medical mission to China
Helped run an international conference in Beijing
Director of northeast division of Opsmile clubs (all of New England,& NJ PA DE)
Coordinated a nation-wide fundraiser, raising over $50,000
President and Co-founder of OpSmile Club
Raised over $15,000 in a year
NHS Exec. Board Treasurer
Nationally-ranked Show Jumping Equestrian
Varsity #1 tennis player, four years
Co-Manager of clothing store</p>

<p>Hooks? If any
-I have been in contact with polo team, coach is sending my name on a list to admissions... I don't know how much this helps. Does this mean I'm a recruited athlete?
-Nationally ranked Show Jumper Equestrian
-First generation
-Currently waiting for my book to be published</p>

<p>Please chance me? I know I have good's just those stupid SAT scores</p>

<p>Caucasian and low sat's is bad. But like you said the EC's is a good boost, and being from Deleware(right?) I think that's a boost as well. Goodluck maybe you could get a tutor for SAT? Also send your AP scores sending none will look very bad especially for havad. goodluck!</p>