Chance me please :)

<p>Hey everyone, I am an Asian student attending an international school. My intended major is economics. I feel like tufts is a pretty high reach for me, but I really like the school. What do you think are my chance? Thanks in advance! </p>

- gpa: 3.76w ( it is pretty low because I didn't do too well freshmen year, but I've been on an upward trend since then)
- act: 32
- Toefl: 117/120 (English test required for international students </p>

<p>Classes: full ib student
- HL: English, chemistry, economics
- SL: math, Spanish, psychology (6)
- predicted: 39-40/45</p>

- varsity baseball (3 years)
- varsity basketball (3 years)
- various service clubs with some leadership positions (200 hours of service total)
- MUN (2 years)</p>

<li>2 summer internships</li>
<li>organized an independent service trip, helping/ staying a rural school for 2 weeks</li>

<p>Please help chance me </p>

<p>Thanks so much!</p>