chance me please!

<p>out of state so I know chances are slim but...</p>

<p>Weighted Avg: 97.36
Top 10% of class</p>

Algebra 2/Trig
Earth Science
English 9, 10
Global History
Spanish 4</p>

European History 3
US History 4
English 11 4
*AB Calc
*English 12
*-senior year</p>

I -- 2110
CR: 700
W: 730
Essay - 10
M: 680</p>

<p>Math 1: 780
Math 2: 750
American History: 750</p>

school paper editor, marching band, football and lacrosse (team captain), youth leadership forum, journalism awards from columbia and syracuse, on a committee with superintendent to analyze and improve district policies, committee including administrators and parents to change and improve high school, silver cord community service</p>

<p>How is this extremely slim lol, you have a good chance</p>