Chance me please?

<p>I am from Bolivia and would be considered as a prospective International applicant. My school follows a dual American and Bolivian Curricula. I am anticipating to graduate with both Bolivian Diploma and College Prep.</p>

<p>GPA: Unweighted 4.0</p>

<p>-Class Ranking: Exact First
-SAT I: Superscore:1650. In one sitting:1650. Math:590 Writing:550 Critical Reading:510
-SAT II: Took Math II and Spanish. Result come out tomorrow DEC 22
-Advance Placement: took all that are non-online and available at my school AP Spanish -Lang. (score:5), Taking AP Spanish Lit. and AP English Lit.
-ACT: composite: 22 did not pay much attention to it. Should of. Thinking not to submit.
-Honor Roll recognition:
-High Honor Roll: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior.
-Highest Honor Roll (98%+ avg for the semester): Senior </p>

<p>Bolivian Curriculum covers more than College Prep.
-8 semesters of English (English 9, Writing & public speaking, American Lit, AP English Lit)
-8 semesters of Math (ALL SAXON: Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Advance Math, Calculus)
-8 semesters of Science (Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics - All include lab)
-8 semesters of Bible (Old Test., New Test., Church History, Christian WV & Apologetic.)
-8 semesters of Social Studies (Ancient World History, US History, Civics, Bolivian History, Life Skill)
-8 semesters of Spanish: (Test out 2 years, AP Spanish Lang, AP Spanish Lit.)
-Other (number of semester in parenthesis): Psychology (1), First Aid (1), Drama (2), ART (6), Computer (1), P.E. (1)</p>

<p>Extra Curricular:
-Class President (Junior & Senior Year)
-Class Treasurer (Freshman Year & Sophomore Year)
-Work experience from Local Clothing Retailer (Manager and Cashier)
-Soccer Team (Freshman, Junior, and Senior Year)
-Track and Field Team (All four years)
-Volleyball Team ( Sophomore Year)
-Chapel Worship Team Choir (Junior and Senior Year)
-Basic French Class (Sophomore Year)
-Volunteering 50hrs: Painting Murals for churches & helping do maintenance to the local Zoo</p>

<p>-I know this is not extracurricular, but:
-In Drama/theater class I was in charge of the publicity department and taking Stage Manager next semester
-In ART I did numerous art pieces: sculpture with light source made of wire covered with canvas, murals, paintings, etc.</p>

<p><strong>I feel like my weaknesses are SAT scores. I know this fall below the required margin. I feel that my volunteer hours are very little, besides that I think I did fairly decent. Also Bolivia is a third world country with not many innovative and resourceful resources for extracurricular.</strong></p>

<p>With this brief description of my work, how much chance do you think I have to get into UPenn? that is if I nail my essays? I also think my recommendation letter are good. I haven't read them.</p>

<p>While your URM and grades help you... 1650 will not do it. If english is your first language then you really want to get that up. If english is not your first language then it's understandable to have lower english/reading scores, but a 590 in math and a 22 comp ACT (I don't know what your section scores are) aren't good enough. If you can get your scores up, you have a decent shot, but international applicants often have harder times getting in.</p>

<p>Thanks for the quick response. I am actually Asian, lived in South American country (in case you aren't familiar with Bolivia's location), and attend an English speaking school. At this point. I can only take SAT one more time in January as they say they may take it in consideration. But unless I make a miracle happen. I m looking at an average 50+ more points. I unfortunately did not take that ACT with much interest, but UPenn requires me to send them at all cost... So besides SAT you think I have a decent application?? I am expecting a definite 800 on that SAT II Spanish. I know I did not get 800 on Math II though. hoping for 700+.</p>