Chance me please :)

<p>Hello, I'm a hispanic male at a public high school in New Jersey.</p>

<p>I'm ranked 6 out of 694 kids.
GPA - 4.36 top 1%
SAT. Reading 620, Math 590, Writing 670 = 1880
SAT II - Math 1 620, Bio 800, Spanish w/ Listening 770
AP - AP Bio 4. Currently taking AP Chemistry, AP United States History, AP English, and AP Spanish Language
Taken - College level Physics course with Lab (5 credits), Intro to Engineering course (5 credits), and Public Speaking (5 credits)</p>

<p>Conducted Scientific research at St, Peter's College and Princeton University on Chemical and Biological Engineering</p>

National Honors Society-Vice president
Science League: Bio I and Bio II. Also Chem II
Science Club: all four year and Senior officer
English Honors Society Treasurer
Science, History, French honors societies
First Robotics Competition
Spanish Club</p>

<p>Recommendation letter:
1 from Head of Science Department at my school
1 from my Honors US II history and APUSH teacher
additional letters: letters from mentors from St. Peter's and Princeton</p>

<p>I'm not too sure on whether I should apply to school School of Arts and Sciences or Engineering. please helpppp</p>

<p>bumpppp bumppppppp</p>

<p>Your rank and GPA are great, extracurriculars are a bit lacking and a bit average for Columbia, and of course you know your SAT is lower than the schools avg. If you can get your SAT I to at least 2000+ then you odds will be better, coupled witht the fact that you're an URM.</p>

<p>I don't know much about the Fu school, but I'd imagine that your Math score, whether SAT I or II, would have to be high, say at least 700.</p>

<p>Admissions to ivy leagues are a crap-shoot for anyone. However I must say that being an URM increase your odds.</p>

<p>But all in all, i'm not on the ADCOM, so this is just what i think. Chance me threads are prob not the best indicators of whether or not you'll get in, but whatever you decide Good Luck!!!!!</p>

<p>Do you think it would be better to apply to Arts and Sciences than Engineering because of my SAT math score, because I thought if I got in I would just transfer to Engineering with hard work.</p>

<p>I think it'll all comes down to you and what you are most interested in. It's all about the fit. If you can see yourself studying engineering and you're passionate about it then you can try and convey that feeling in your essays. I believe a well written essay can help even the most borderline student. But if you have more of an inclination for the Sciences then by all means apply to AS, just as long as its where you want to go and not where someone on CC told you to go.</p>

<p>About the transferring, I'm not sure how difficult it is to transfer within the university, but I'd have to imagine its not going to be easy. Contact the admissions office or any student who frequents these boards and ask.</p>

<p>oh and apparently, you need Math 1 or 2 and Physics or Chemistry Subject test to apply. So unless you're planning to take them in Jan, you won't be eligible for admissions.</p>

<p>Application</a> Requirements | Columbia University Office of Undergraduate Admissions</p>

<p>Ahh, I can't believe I never looked that up. So what should I do now? Apply to AS and then try to transfer? I really want to do chemical/biological engineering.</p>

<p>Here's a thread I think might shed some light on your situation <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>