chance me please! (=

<p>Hey guys! I was wondering if you could take the time to give me an estimate of my chances! Appling as an Engineer major.
California Resident
Grades: 3.9 UW, 4.41W 4.21 UC GPA
Rank: top 3%
ACT: 31 Composite, 34 English, 33 Math, 29 Reading, 29 Science.
SAT: 2100. 620R, 720 M, 760 W.
Course Rigor: Taken almost every AP class offered in high school, except BIo, Chem, History, and Literature. Have 2 APs senior year, AP physics C and Ap Calc BC. got 4's on all previous AP's.
Outstanding Student: One given to class per gender, an outstanding student based on every aspect.
Outstanding Athlete: One given to class per gender, an outstanding athlete overall.
Questbridge Finalist
Scholar Athlete
National Honor Society Vice President
Played piano for over 12 years and passed 3 different schools of Piano. (ABRSM, JSAC, CM), all at highest levels.
California Scholarship Federation(CSF).
4 Year varsity Track, Track captain. Only Asian in the top 50 state ranks for 110m High Hurdles.
Tzu Chi Chinese volunteering organization.
Essays: Decent, but could be improved.
Community Service.
Tzu Chi Chinese volunteering organization.- at least 80+ Hours
Interact: 50+ Hours
NHS: 8+ Hours
Helping people around town build their computers, troubleshoot them, etc. Named "Handyman" as I tend to go around asking people if they need help with anything.
Ethnicity: Asian (Taiwanese).</p>

<p>Pretty good chance, hopefully your essays reflected all you did. I believe they review "based on the context of your background" and that may be good thing if you are a questbridge finalist. You didn't apply early anywhere else? Noticed you said you are Tawianese. If you are international student in the US, then not sure if the pool is any different.</p>

<p>You're about what the ideal applicant looks like for Berkeley, so I'd say you're in. Happy holidays!</p>

<p>I believe SAT subject scores (math/physics) are required for Engineering majors. If you have mid-700s in those, believe you would be a solid candidate.
Prospective</a> Freshman FAQ — UC Berkeley College of Engineering</p>