Chance me please?

<p>Hi, I attend an international school in china, im australian tho</p>

<p>GPA: 3.97 weighted
Ranking: 16 out of 269 (top 10%)
I take a full IB Diploma and my predicted score is 43 out of 45 with higher levels in English, Chinese, and Economics
SAT Subject: 800 Math II 800 Chinese w/ Listening
Ethnicity: I’m half Asian and half Caucasian
Applied for:asian and middle eastern studies, Japanese, French</p>

<p>Personal Essay: I wrote about the special circumstances of my ethnicity and how it has exposed me to a more diverse culture/group of people compared to others.</p>

<p>Recommendations: 2 teachers are good writers, peer rec written by a friend that knows me well</p>

-Piano, have passed all the highest level exams of ABRSM
-one of the leaders of the Dance Club in school, give regular performances but also hold large scale competitions, profit all given to charity
-one of the editors for school magazine
-volunteered as teacher assistant at summer school for elementary school children
-volunteered to tutor more than two children on all subjects over a long period
-internship at law firm
-one of the main leaders at a very large charity organization that holds lots of events involving many schools and has donated lots of money to children in rural areas of China. I have also gone down to one of the poorer areas in China to personally help the children there.
-member of another smaller charity club that bakes to raise funds for unicef
-Volunteer at Expo for 2 months
-Volunteer during Beijing olympics and paralympics</p>

<p>You have a really good chance because of your diverse background and ethnicity - I think if you expressed that well in your essay, it will touch the hearts of the admissions officers. Your test scores and ECs aren't bad either, the only thing that might hurt is your ranking.</p>

<p>thank you :)</p>

<p>i'd say you have a very good chance. best of luck!</p>