chance me please?

<p>Hi, I attend an international school in china, im australian tho</p>

<p>GPA: 3.97 weighted
Ranking: 16 out of 269 (top 10%)
I take a full IB Diploma and my predicted score is 43 out of 45 with higher levels in English, Chinese, and Economics
SAT:2280 (CR 730 MATH 800 WRITING 750)
SAT Subject: 800 Math II 800 Chinese w/ Listening
Ethnicity: I'm half Asian and half Caucasian
Applied for:asian and middle eastern studies, Japanese, French</p>

<p>Personal Essay: I wrote about the special circumstances of my ethnicity and how it has exposed me to a more diverse culture/group of people compared to others.</p>

<p>Recommendations: 2 teachers that are good writers, should be fine</p>

-Piano, have passed all the highest level exams of ABRSM
-one of the leaders of the Dance Club in school, give regular performances but also hold large scale competitions, profit all given to charity
-one of the editors for school magazine
-volunteered as teacher assistant at summer school for elementary school children
-volunteered to tutor more than two children on all subjects over a long period
-internship at law firm
-one of the main leaders at a very large charity organization that holds lots of events involving many schools and has donated lots of money to children in rural areas of China. I have also gone down to one of the poorer areas in China to personally help the children there.
-member of another smaller charity club that bakes to raise funds for unicef
-Volunteer at Expo for 2 months
-Volunteer during Beijing olympics and paralympics</p>