chance me, please.

<p>My dream school is NYU. I also applied to Syracuse University. I'm Hispanic. If I get into NYU, I should like to be admitted into the College of Arts and Science
I 87.69 average, which roughly equates to 3.3-3.4, I believe.
I have taken 7 AP classes (counting this year)<br>
My class rank is 47/533(my class is immense, the largest in NY, I think), I'm not sure how to calculate the percentile.
1970 on the SAT
5 on AP English Language Exam, 4 on US History, 5 on AP Spanish Language</p>

Copy Editor and writer for school newspaper
Member of Student Council
Member of Senior Class
Medical Society</p>

<p>Community Service:
Tutoring for Chemistry, Global History, and Spanish.
Teacher assistance for 3 consecutive years on Meet the Teacher night at my highshool
Award for Outstanding Appreciation of Literature
Courtyard Cleanup for my high school</p>

<p>Excellent recommendation letters, I believe.</p>

<p>Syracuse: Match
NYU: Medium Reach
Your SAT scores and lack of ECs will hurt, but your ethnicity will help a lot.</p>