chance me please?

<p>my cousin went to pomona and absolutely raves about it. i really want to go too, but i'm super nervous. tell me if i'm wasting my time? thanks :)</p>

<p>-White, female, attends non-prestigious public high school in NY (though we do have a few people go on to Ivy League schools and the like every year) </p>

<p>-Since i'm only a junior, i haven't taken the SATs or ACTs yet but based on practice tests ill probably get somewhere in the 2100-2300 range for SATs and around a 31 for the ACTs. my practice SAT subject tests are usually in the low 700s. </p>

<p>-here's my biggest problem: i sort of slacked off freshman and sophomore year. i took all honors courses and APs when i could, but i didnt try very hard: my grades were all in the low 90s. i only got a 3 on my AP Euro test, and i barely did any ECs</p>

<p>-so, my unweighted GPA is only a 3.8 (by the end of this year it'll probably be a bit higher, but i probably won't get to a 4.0). because of the rigor of the courses, my weighted GPA will be definately over 4.0, but i don't think that'll make much difference. </p>

<p>-I'm in the IB diploma program, and i'm doing pretty well. i'm sure to get between a 5 and a 7 on all my tests. </p>

<p>-i have a few teachers in mind for recommendations: intelligent, and they like me a lot, so that won't be a problem. i'm also a very good writer, so my essay will definitely be good. </p>

<p>-though we do have a valedictorian and a salutatorian each year (which will not be me), we don't have a class ranking, so i have no idea where i am in terms of that. </p>

-model congress: 4 years (possibly a board member next year)
-NHS: junior & senior yr (possibly a board member next year)
-Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior class
-newspaper: junior & senior yrs (it was only started this year, though)
-yearbook: senior year
-tutoring: junior & senior year
-certified & active SCUBA diver: 6 years
-worked at the beach for 3 straight summers
-Lots of different volunteering activities spanning all 4 years(how exactly do you list these on college apps anyway?)
-had artwork exhibited in the Hecksher Museum for Long Island's Best HS Artists competition. </p>

<p>so, what do you think? do i have a shot?</p>

<p>also, i know pomona doesn't give merit scholarships, so how's the financial aid? coming from a struggling middle-class family, this is sort of the deciding factor.</p>

<p>Thegirlthatwaited: It is hard to tell without your test scores. In my experience, many of the kids accepted have very high scores---like 2300+ on the SAT or 33+ on the ACT. It is such a small school that it is very competitive for everyone. My son is an athlete at Pomona and I know all of the parents of other players well, and also therefore know their stats. There is virtually no concessions made for athletes. So, anectodally, I would say that you are sort of on the bubble. Your EC's look fine but your test scores are going to have to be very good if your GPA is on the cusp. I would search through this site to see the stats of others who were accepted ED this year, as well last year (although I am sure every year is a little more competitive). Also, you yourself should consider applying ED next year for any little advantage that might add.</p>

<p>I have heard people say the FA at Pomona is wonderful. I wouldn't say that that has been our experience, however, they have been very helpful in reviewing the CSS profile with us and trying to give us a break where they can. If you aren't satisfied with what you receive, they are very willing to take an extra look at your individual situation.</p>

<p>Thegirlwhowaited: Pomona is one of the most competitive schools in the country. But if you love it, then you should apply. While it may appear that many college confidential students only get accepted with SAT scores of 2300+, these students make up a small portion of applicants. If it helps, 25% of the student body got below a 2050. The truth is that Pomona still rejects applicants with stellar GPAs, SAT/ACT, and good extracurriculars.It's not uncommon to see Rejected--->SAT:2400 GPA:4.0. The school is so small that the admissions officers have to carefully craft a class. It all depends on what they're looking for that year. It's largely unpredictable. You just have to do your best and apply. Best of luck!</p>

<p>The only way that you'll definitively know if you have a shot is if you apply. So go for it!</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>