Chance me please?

<p>White male, Ohio
3.9-4.0 GPA (93 on a 100pt scale)
Rigorous Jesuit college prep school
8 AP classes during junior and senior year (most APs are offered only to juniors and seniors) (AB Calc, AP Spanish Lang, AP Span. Lit, AP US, AP US Gov, AP Bio, AP Lit, AP Psych)
SAT- 2320 (800 reading, 760 math, 760 writing)
SAT Bio: 750
SAT US History: 750
SAT Math II- 710 (not my strongest subject…)
AP US history- 5
AP Bio- 5
(haven’t taken the rest yet)
National Merit Semifinalist, probably finalist (228 psat)
National Honor Society
National Spanish Honor Society
Year-round swimming-3 years (Varsity)
Cross country- 2 years (Varsity 1 year)
Water Polo- 1 year (Varsity, one of the founding members of the team)
Member of the auditioned choir at my school- 2 years
Several community service clubs at school
Very involved in youth group at church
Planned and led a youth retreat for my entire Episcopal diocese (~75 kids attend) and was on staff for another
Led two 30 Hour Famine retreats for my church (if you don’t know what that is, here’s the website: [30</a> Hour Famine](<a href=“]30”> ) and raised thousands of dollars
3 mission trips to Honduras
Essays will be good, as writing is one of my greatest assets
Teacher recommendations will be great, considering both teachers are stellar writers and both love me</p>

<p>I would say about a 5% chance. don't get your hopes up kid.</p>

<p>You should get in. Might even have a shot at the honors program.</p>

<p>The above poster is probably just annoyed that you even bothered asking w/ your stats, and you do come of as an arrogant prick the way you talked about yourself (ex. "Essays will be good, as writing is one of my greatest assets").</p>

<p>Stats wise it's an obvious you're a match (unless your essays are horrible).</p>

<p>I got in early w/ similar stats into CSOM honors. Apparently it's harder to get in early because they only accept 30% of the accepted applicants pool from early action; idk if if it's easier to get into the honors program if you apply early action too.</p>

<p>It is indeed sad when you have people with two posts spout off what they probably consider very funny opinion.</p>

<p>You will get. I know because I go to Boston College and didn't even get close to those scores. I also know that you will probably get into the honors program. I am surprised BC isn't your safety, to be honest.</p>

<p>I think you have VERY good chances at the honors program. (Don't take my word for it as im just a fellow applicant) I also think you have really good chances at some of the Ivy's.</p>

<p>You're in. And the Ivy's are overrated.</p>

<p>it is indeed sad when you have a person spouting off a condescending opinion about people spouting off opinions, and then offering absolutely no answer to the question</p>