Chance me please!

<p>Cumalative GPA (4 years) = 3.72 (4.4 weighted)
SAT: 2010 (w/writing) ACT: 30
AP Classes :

  • AP World History
    -AP US History
    -AP Enviro Science
    -AP Literature
    -AP Gov/Econ
    -AP CompSci
    -AP Phsycology
    (*Majority of my other classes are honors)
    Class rank: Top 25% (out of 700ish students)
    Recs: Strong, AP World Teach loved me, Lacrosse Coach, Ap english teacher</p>

-Summer Job (3 years)
-Intership at law firm
-100+ service hours
-President of 2 Clubs
-member of 10-12 clubs
-Varsity Lacrosse 4 years (Cpt 1yr)
-CrossCountry 2 years
-Football 1 Year</p>

<p>Race: Half Iranian half white</p>

<p>Languages: English and Farsi</p>

<p>I attend a top ranked High School in southern california, what are my chances of getting into this school?</p>