chance me please

<p>Hey. Please chance me :)
3.15 UW GPA
3.6 W GPA
1300/1600 SAT
Rigorous courseload throughout high school. Took all the honors possible, except math. Took AP Chinese, AP World History, and AP NSL in the first 3 years, and am taking this year (12th grade) AP human geography, AP Macro/Micro Economics, AP Language and Composition, AP European History. A/B's on all of them, and 5's on the AP tests.
Below average EC's :(
~150 SSL hours
I think i had great essays
Dunno about my recs, but i suppose they were good
I come from a very competitive top school, whose classes are notoriously hard. But people in my school also tend to have much better grades than me. But there is no class rank here.
I am also perfectly fluent in Chinese (reading, writing, and speaking) if that helps.
In state, Asian Male, applied priority.
I know my stats are pretty low, but all i need is Spring Admit. What are my chances for spring? (and fall if you think it applies)

<p>Your GPA are below average and you're also an ORM. I'd bet on Spring because everything else makes up for it, but General Admission is very iffy.</p>

<p>In state, I think you're in. your SAT is fine and the overall looks good.</p>

<p>Thanks guys your messages make me feel a bit better. Maryland is the only school i want to go to and i did apply for some back-up schools, but i REALLY don't want to go to them.</p>

<p>Hey Nuplex thanks for the reply. But what is an ORM?</p>

<p>Over-Represented Minority</p>

<p>oh ok thanks. can anyone else chance me please?</p>

<p>i'm with Nuplex.</p>

<p>I agree with Nuplex to an extent.... your SAT CR/M is pretty great though so don't count yourself out just yet. also bilingual and your courseload are great! Don't expect them to overlook that you come form a tough school either... they know that stuff!</p>

<p>ahhh. i got rejected :(</p>

<p>Did you make spring admission?</p>

<p>well my letter just says that i've been rejected for fall. but it doesn't mention anything about spring. so im assuming that i've got a flat out rejection =(</p>