Chance me! Please!

<p>I'm gonna regret saying this, but CHANCE ME!</p>

<li>sophomore at Berkeley City College​/Laney College</li>
<li>major: Biology</li>
<li>summer 2010: English 1A: A, A Brief Course in Calculus: A, Psych 1A: B</li>
<li>fall 2010: English 1B: A, General Chem 1A: A, Calc 1: A, Psych 7A: A</li>
<li>spring 2011: Intro to Art History: A, General Chem 1B: B, Calc II: B</li>
<li>summer 2011: Intro to Sociology: A, Physics with Calc 4A: B (also held a job during this semester)</li>
<li>fall 2012: General Bio 1A: A, English 5 (Critical Thinking): A, Intro to Philosophy: A, Organic Chem 12A: C</li>
<li>spring 2012: General Bio 1B. Physics with Calc 4B, Organic Chem 12B</li>
<li>IGETC: completed</li>
<li>will have finished a year of calc-based physics (even though it is only recommended for my major, not required)</li>
<li>TAP Berkeley Student (info on TAP: Transfer</a> Alliance Project | Center for Educational Partnerships )</li>
<li>TAG with UCI: accepted, as long as I maintain at least 3.2</li>
<li>ECs: volunteer at hospital, literacy mentor to elementary students from disadvantaged areas as part of UC Berkeley's Cal Corps BUILD Program (work alongside UC Berkeley students), attend science research seminars at UC Berk, classical music vocalist, classical music violinist</li>
<li>work: private tutor to highschool and community college students</li>
<li>awesome, well-thought out, and unique personal statements (as said by my TAP counselor and school counselors)</li>
<li>moved to Bay Area on my own, supporting myself mostly </li>

<p>What are my chances of getting into Cal, UCLA, UCSD, UCSB, and UC Davis?</p>

<p>I have no idea. Sorry!</p>