Chance me, please

<p>Hey there [: So I am currently a sophomore and I screwed up my freshman year as well as the first semester of 10th grade. So as of now my cumulative GPA is 3.37, which I know is extremely low if I want to go to Georgetown.</p>

<p>Long story short, I got a huge wake-up call towards the end of the first semester and now I have a passion to do well in school and to get into Georgetown as my first priority. </p>

<p>So please tell me if I still have a chance of getting in if I start getting all A's now, and I am perfectly fine with all the brutality and truth. </p>

<p>Freshman - Algebra II, World I H, English H, Bio H, Spanish III, Orchestra</p>

<p>Sophomore - Precalc, AP World, English H, Chemistry, Spanish IV, Economics and International Relations [semester courses]</p>

<p>Junior - AP Calc AB, AP US, English H, Physics, Spanish V, AP Macro Econ, AP Micro Econ, [debating whether to do Artist Orchestra or Computer Science. Which one should I do?]</p>

<p>Senior - AP Statistics, AP Comparative Gov, AP Gov, AP Language, AP Physics, AP Spanish, AP Psychology, and [either Artist Orchestra or AP Computer Science depending on what I choose to do for junior year]</p>

<p>SAT - I've been taking prep classes ever since 8th grade so I am very confident that my score will at least be 2200</p>

<p>SAT II - I will be taking it for Math 2, World History, US History, and possibly for Physics and Spanish</p>

<p>These are what I am currently doing, or will do so.</p>

<p>EC - President and founder of Invisible Children club, Academic team, varsity cross country, concert mistress at a public orchestra</p>

<p>Job/Work Experience: tutor [w/out payment] for elementary kids every day after school</p>

<p>Volunteer/Community Service: missionary trip overseas to South America/Asia, teacher at a culture school for adopted Asian children, concert mistress at a community service orchestra for church every Sunday. By the time I submit my application, I will have at least 350 hours of community service</p>

<p>Also, is there anything I should know about the interview?
I would also like to major in Economics/International Relations (possibly double)</p>

<p>Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!</p>

<p>I am also applying for the National Honor Society, National Science Honor Society, and Math Honor Society</p>

<p>If I'm understanding this right -- you're a sophomore, and you're worrying about the Georgetown interview?</p>

<p>Just keep your grades up and pursue your passions. Georgetown's not looking for the 2400 student or the 4.8 GPA student -- they're looking for people who are driven by what they care about. Don't lose sight of that by fixating too much on how you're going to look on paper in two years.</p>

<p>You are getting way ahead of yourself.
It's great that you got the "wake up call" midway through sophomore year, but that means you presently have no meaningful track record. Work hard, study hard for your test, be involved in ECs (pursuing leadership roles if possible) and then apply to GU.
It is simply absurd for anyone to "chance" you now. Move forward in a way that will leave no doubt - particularly in your own mind - that you have done your best, and what will be will be.
Good luck.</p>

<p>Don't you get nominated for those various honor societies, rather than apply on your own?</p>

<p>Where I went to school, my chapter of NHS now receives nominations at mid year of the junior year. This allows 5 semesters of which the requisite weighted and unweighted GPAs are calculated, currently 3.6 uw, 3.9 w. at my "old" school. And you have to get through a character review by a council of teachers, admins, and staff to include custodial staff.</p>

<p>@Serenen - Yes, I am. I guess I really am getting ahead of myself haha. I'm just really worried because I screwed up. But yes, I understand that Georgetown isn't all about grades but rather being well-rounded. Thank you [:</p>

<p>@WCASParent - Haha alright and that is true since I don't have any test scores yet. I wanted to see if I still had a chance of getting in with my past grades. Thank you very much</p>

<p>@mrvc - At my school we apply with recommendations and such, then the teachers in the society either approve or reject. I guess the process is different depending on the school</p>

<p>One thing to remember is that colleges are looking at the big picture, and they're looking at development. So you didn't have a great freshman year. That's not what they care about -- they care about how your responded to it. They care about how you are in sophomore year, and junior year, and senior year. They want to see you improve, not plateau. </p>

<p>So don't worry about the past too much. Focus on the present and the future and you'll be okay :)</p>