chance me please!

<p>ok so I'm a junior attending a very good public school in New York. Im very interested in medicine and intend to persue it through college and hopefully onwards! Anyways some schools I have been considering include:
University of Michigan Ann-Arbor
New York University
Boston University
University of California-San Diego
Stony Brook University
Known reaches but do I have a chance?
UC Berkeley
Military Academies...
I am a high school junior in New York; caucasian, Jewish
PSAT:196 projected SAT between 2050-2150 Math:~730 CR:~680 writing:~660 ACT: 31 Unweighted GPA: 3.4 Weighted 3.7 (Fresh and soph) Im doing very well this year 95+ projected GPA by end of high school 3.6 unweighted
Class Rank: top 15-20%
College courses: AP statistics, AP physics, AP chemistry, AP literature, I plan on taking AP Bio, AP calc, and AP earth science senior year also I took a college engineering class and SUPA Chem
EC's: Varsity soccer 2 years(MVP and probable captain), Varsity winter track 2 years, Varsity tennis 2 year, varsity spring track 1 year. Italian club, Animal club, Math team Boy scouts;
Summer programs: Aerospace program at RPI and I recently applied to summer@brown(hope I get in!)
Also working on shadowing a doctor at Vassar Hospital as well as my local hospital also trying to working with local EMT

<p>bummppppp pleaseeee</p>