Chance me please!!

White Female (from Chicago suburb)
GPA: 4.0 (W) 3.77 (UW)
Class Rank: 40 of 377
ACT not taken (25-29ish predicted)</p>

Junior year- AP English Lang & Comp (haven't taken test)
Senior Year- AP Biology, AP Phychology, AP English Lit & Comp, (Dual Credit Spanish)</p>

<p>Extra Curriculars:
National Honor Society
Student Council
Piano (11 years)
Math Tutor
Senior Mentor (next year)</p>

<p>You will need to do better than 25-29 on the ACT, as even a 29 would be low for NU.</p>

<p>your act score is waaay too low. i got in with a 31, but that is on the very low end.</p>

<p>make sure a certain depth in your ECs comes across when you apply. (or if).</p>

<p>Impossible to say without seeing actual act scores. However -- based on your self estimate, NU is a reach, but not impossible.</p>

<p>EC's are generic and weak. ACT is way too low. Courseload and GPA is on the lower end as well. </p>

<p>NU will be a huge reach. Do you have any hooks?</p>