Chance me please??

<p>I am a California Resident
Race: White</p>

<p>GPA: 3.68 UW and 4.02 W
ACT: 30 (30 composite, 32 english, 30 eng/writing, 28 math, 32 reading, 27 science)
SAT: 1970 (620 CR, 650 Math, 700 Writing, 09 essay)</p>

AP European History (Soph)
AP Calculus AB (Junior)
AP Biology (Junior)
AP English Language (Junior)
IB Psychology SL (Junior)
IB Spanish SL Year 1 (Junior)
AP US History (Junior)
AP English Literature (Senior)
AP Calculus BC (Senior)
AP US Government (Senior)</p>

Work experience at Cold Stone (2 yrs)
Candystriper at hospital (2 yrs)
Over 130 hours community service
Mission trip for church
Bible Camp Leader (1 year)
High School Cross Country (3 years)
High School Soccer (1 year)
High School Track (3 years)</p>

AP Scholar
California Scholorship Federation
Volunteer Service Award (2 years)</p>

<p>UW is my number one choice and I really hope I get in! Thank you so much for taking the time to chance me!</p>

<p>GPA and SAT are right in UW's averages and EC seems strong, you have a pretty good chance! </p>

<p>btw, Candystriper sounds interesting xD</p>