Chance me please

<p>Hello, I have applied to Mount Holyoke under regular decision. I am an international student and my stats are as follows:</p>

<p>A levels with final grade of 3A*s and 2As
SAT I score: 1780 ( however, I have blocked my SAT score so i hope it doesn't matter much)
SAT II score: 1420/1600
ECA : participated in 3 MUN conferences, founding member of a non profit organization and have been organizing social awareness programs , writing articles for workshops, interned for around 3 months in a bank, 250 hours of community service, violinist of my school's band, habitat for humanity, rotaract, member of basketball, volleyball and badminton club, executive member of school's environment club and have taken plenty of skill development classes
Recommendation and essays: I believe its pretty good :) </p>

<p>So, can anyone tell me about my chances?</p>