Chance me please

<p>Hello, I am an international student asking for financial aid. I have applied to Trinity under EDII agreement. My stats are as follows:
Final A levels grade : 3A*, 2As
SAT I score: 1780
SAT II score: 1420/1600 ( 710 on both the subjects)
ECA : Participated in 3 Model United Nation Conferences; Established a non profit organization ah have organized various social awareness programs; writing articles for various workshops organized by my organization; interned for around 3 months in a bank; 250 hours of community service; A levels tutor, rotaract; violinist of my school's band; executive member of school's environment club; habitat for humanity; played basket ball, volleyball and badminton at my school;taken various skill development classes
Recommendation: I think my recos are perfectly fine
Essay: I think its pretty good.</p>

<p>I really wanna know my chance. I would appreciate if someone could tell me about it.</p>