Chance me please

<p>Sat score:1980
Rank:1 out of a class of 100
Expecting 800 in chemistry and more than 700 in physics SAT 2</p>

<p>I took O and AS level exams
Had 3A*s and 6As in O level and 5 As in AS
I am currently studying Maths physics chemistry biology further Maths. (in AS I had Urdu language instead of further Maths) </p>

<p>I attended a summer school in global leadership and American history at valparaiso university
I have interned for three weeks with WWF.
I taught voluntarily at an orphanage for a month
HEAD GIRL at my school
President Environment club at my school
General secretary of my school's Red Cross Society
Interned at human resource development network for office experience
Won a silver medal in a national mathematics contest
Interned at the ministry of electricity (of Azad Kashmir)
Chief editor or my schools monthly magazine
President of the committee organising the school Olympiad
Chaired a committee at a MUN in a leading university </p>

<p>I am from the subcontinent and have asked for aid more than $30,000</p>

<p>I wrote my personal essay on how a disastrous earthquake changed my perspective of life and made me what I am </p>

<p>I got one of my professors at the summer program to write one recommendation and the other one should be good too.</p>

<p>I have been accepted at RIT, valparaiso university, college of st Benedict's with the maximum scholarships they give international students, if that's of any help!</p>

<p>are you from Pakistan ?</p>

<p>What is your SAT section breakdown? Is your schooling in English? (I assume it is, if you have taken British O and A levels.) If not, have you taken TOEFL?</p>

<p>I have enrolled in an English speaking school all my life. So no, I did not give TOEFL. And yes I am from Pak!</p>

<p>So what is your SAT breakdown? There are a number of good things in your application, but frankly, your English does not seem like that of a native speaker, and that might account for your SAT score, which is low for D. I don't know whether the fact that you have been educated in English will result in higher expectations for your SATs. And could you explain what "AS" exams are? I'm familiar with O and A levels, but the AS terminology is new to me.</p>

<p>That's probably because I types too quickly and on my phone. But I had an A*(95%)in my O level English which I think counts for something. </p>

<p>Advanced subsidiary level.
i.e the 1st year of A level. It includes half the course of A level. Which means that I'll give the other half of the course this year. Thereby competing my A level degree. </p>

<p>Maths 690
Writing 730 10 on the essay
Reading 560! ;(</p>


<p>And I mean typed* not types</p>

<p>And I know my sat score is low but that's cz I did all I could on my own. Couldn't get proper tutoring since I come from a very small town. </p>

<p>However, do the rest of the achievements on my application make me look like an attractive applicant? Or is my sat score too low for D to even consider me.
Please respond!:)</p>

<p>Is there any particular focus in your activities/app? You ought to read A is for Admission. It's a book where a former Dartmouth admissions directors tells everything. But I'd say you're definitely well rounded though, you just have to differentiate yourself from the rest of the applicants. And I think it's really important you increase your critical reading score, since according to that book, critical reading is VERY important in the SATs. They'd prefer a low math + high cr than a low cr + high math. But I think you come across as sort of a URM though, coming from a small town, so that ought to help.</p>

<p>In my essay I wrote about a disastrous earthquake, which God knows how we survived!
I told how it gave me a new perspective of life. I don't think many people would have experienced such a catastrophe. And i personally loved it. Came straight from my heart Would that differentiate me from the rest of the applicants?<br>
I'll definitely read that book!
Thanks a lot for responding :)</p>

<p>No problem!
Yeah, that's true. In the book the admissions officer says that the best kinds of essays are those "slice of life" kinds, and yours definitely seems like it. Good luck come April 1st!!</p>

<p>I'm too freaked out!
I think my counsellor and professor everybody mentioned how I've been managing everything although I come from a small town. That might help!</p>

And I know my sat score is low but that's cz I did all I could on my own. Couldn't get proper tutoring since I come from a very small town.


<p>For a talented student who has been educated entirely in English, tutoring is not required to get good SAT scores. (Despite the Chinese SAT mills :rolleyes: ) Seriously, your CR score seems strangely low to me, given your W score and your O level grades. Could you have had a mis-bubbling problem? I would suggest retaking it, but I gather you have already applied for next fall? Hopefully your essays will convince the admissions committee. Good luck.</p>

<p>I don't know why I couldn't do it.
I know I have a very little chance. But oh we'll..;(
And thank you for your comments Consolation !</p>