Chance me please

• SAT I: (1st time) 2200; (will take again in March, practice averaging 2300)
• SAT II: Math II (800); Biology M (800)
• GPA: 3.9 UW, 5.9/6 W (averages at the end of this year; will be slightly higher by reporting time)</p>

<p>• AP (place score in parenthesis):
Sophomore Year
-AP Biology (5)
-AP Statistics (4)
Junior Year
-AP English
-AP Calculus AB
-AP European History
-AP US History
-AP Microeconomics
-AP Macroeconomics
-AP Physics B
Senior Year
-AP Spanish
-AP English
-AP Calculus BC
-AP World History
-AP Psychology
-AP Physics C </p>

<p>• Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.):
Not exactly major but... (EC Awards are listed in the EC section)
-People's Choice Award Given By School Principal [Award given by teacher's to their single best student]
-Best Student of the Month Award [Geometry, Calculus, et cetera]
-Featured on School Website Frequently
-Published Author (poetry in school magazine)
-Honor Roll 10-12</p>

• Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis):
School related </p>

<p>-FIRST Robotics Team 9-12 (Varsity 9-12)
--Multiple Awards
-Debate Team 10-12 (10-11 JV) (12 Varsity)
--1st place team 2011
-Chess Team 10-12 (JV)
-Science League 9-12 (Bio 1, Bio 2, and Physics 2 Team Member)
--1st place Bio 2 team
-Principle's Leadership Council [Council of 4 Selected Students Per Grade]
-World Affairs [Model UN] 10-12
--Best Novice Delegate Award & Honorable Mention Award
-FBLA 9-12 (Officer)
--2nd place regional winner; state qualifier all years
-DECA 9-12 (Treasurer)
--1 3rd place trophy, 1 2nd place trophy, 2 1st place trophies; state qualifier all years; state finalist
-MathLab [Math Tutoring] 9-12 (Coordinator)
-Laureate [School Magazine] 10-12 (Co-editor)
-Interact [Community Service Club] 9-12 (Head School Coordinator)
-NHS 11-12
-AP Biology Lab Assistant 11-12</p>

<p>Non-school related
-5 years active Guitar
-6 years active Percussion
-Phone Software Programming</p>

<p>•Volunteer/Community service:
-Math Tutoring (15 hrs)
Elementary School Daycare Assistant (15 hrs)
-Animal Shelter Remodel Project (9 hrs)
-High School Library Assistant (70 hrs)
-Lab Assistant (15 hrs)</p>

<p>• Summer Activities:
-9th grade summer - self studied and tested out of Algebra 2
-10th grade summer - took chemistry courses at the community college
-11th grade summer(Probably) - internship at Johns Hopkins working at neuron research lab (only one of its kind in the world)</p>

<p>I'm Indian btw</p>

<p>Pretty good chance, a bit more than 50% in my opinion. What's your CR/M SAT? Cornell doesn't consider writing. You should aim for 1500+ cr/m if you don't have that already. Also what's your class rank or decile?</p>

<p>Math - 770
Reading - 720
Both should be much better on my next SAT
As far as my class rank goes, from what I know I should be higher than 22/500, so basically at least top 5%</p>

<p>I'll give you ~35-50% considering you are an ORM. At this point improving scores would only help a little bit because the rest of your app speaks for itself. If you ED I'm pretty certain (90%+) you will get in. Good luck.</p>