Chance me please.....

<p>I am a high school Junior and hope to go to CMU, and UC Berkley for computer science major.</p>

<p>Race: Asian (not Asian American)</p>

<p>SAT: 2230 (800 math, 630 cr, 800 wr) </p>

<p>SAT 2: m2c: 780 and going to take Chem, USH, and physics</p>

<p>AP: so far.. Macro and Micro economics : 5 each
taking AP physics C mec and elec, Cal BC, Chem, USH, for classes, and going to take only exams for stat and computer science.
for next year, since my school is near by a university, I got an approval to take a math class from college, and so does computer science class.</p>

<p>GPA: 9th: 4.0
10th : 3.5 (because of biology.... I got C-) (all honors)
11th (now): 4.0 for 1st semester, (5 APs)</p>

<p>For ECs
played tennis for three years.
key club.
International club
had done community service more than 1000 hours for past three years.
Had done internship in a small firm for network developing project.
(going to work in Samsung Group for internship upcomming summer)
CISCO systems college-high school competition got 2nd place
have several certification : CCNA,CCNP, CCIE R&S, JSCP, MOS, A*
( for CCIE, took the position of youngest)
For now, I am doing a clouding project with a graduate student (also with a professor)</p>

<p>For details,
I came to states about 4years ago, but transferred several times.
1st: religion
2nd: medical reasons (which can be proved by certified document from my national government)</p>

<p>please desperately could you chance me for SCS of CMU and CS of USB and Stanford possibly?</p>

<p>Thank you.</p>