Chance me Please?

<p>Background Info:

  • High School: Extremely rigorous, top 50 high schools in the nation
  • Indian (South Asian)
  • Income: 150k</p>

<p>Computer Science Major!</p>

<p>I messed up really bad in high school until junior year. W = weighted, UW, = unweighted
Sophmore year: 3.0 UW (3.167 W), 2.67 UW (2.83W)
Junior Year: 3.67 UW (4.167 W), 3.67 UW (4.167 W)
UC GPA: 3.62</p>

<p>SATs (Barely prepped):
1st attempt: 1850
2nd attempt: 1980</p>

<p>Going to attempt again in October, I’m positive I will get at least a 2100, and possibly a 2200, I’m studying 2 hours daily every weekday over the summer.</p>

1st attempt: 32
Going to attempt again in September, aiming for 34 or higher.</p>

<p>SATII: Math (760), Bio (770)</p>


  • 150 hours community service
  • DECA (Business Club):
    - 3rd in Northern California for Math Marketing
    - 4th for presentation, 8th overall for Advertising Campaign in States competition
  • YouTube Channel on Technology (relates to my major, computer science)
    - 2,800 subscribers
    - My technology guides and reviews have been watched 1.1 MILLION times
  • Started an organization this summer to raise money for charity through online gaming. Raised about $700 so far.
  • Intro to Computer Science course over the summer, got an A
  • Intro to Programming in C course over the summer, got an A</p>

<p>What are my chances of getting in? I’m extremely passionate about technology and would love if I could further develop my knowledge by majoring in Comp Sci at great college.</p>

<p>I have been slacking throughout high school until junior year. At the summer, end of the sophmore year, I went to India and realized I am taking everything I have for granted. While others in India are yearning to learn but forced in mediocre schools, if any, I am slacking off, even though I am given the opportunity (by my parents) to attend one of the nations top 50 high schools. The vacation to India opened my eyes, and I realized I need to make the most of my fortunate situation. I tried throughout junior year, with 3 AP courses, and got a 3.67 unweighted, 4.167 weighted GPA.</p>

<p>Are you an Indian? or Indian-American? You aren’t an immigrant , right? You are a U.S born citizen…</p>

<p>Keep working hard and keep your grades up!!! Tell them in your personal statement about how trip to India opened your eyes and from that point on , you started taking your life seriously and now you study very hard blah blah… This point can actually benefit you in your application process…Davis look for kids that are doing good in their last few years… … Just focus on personal statement and grades…your SAT is already up there…try one more time and improve it as much as you can…</p>

<p>Best of luck,buddy!</p>

<p>I was born in India, moved to USA when I was 4. Does that affect my chances? :/</p>

<p>^ Not at all !!! I was born in Pakistan and moved here just ~ 2 years ago…and yet…I am starting my Under-graduate studies at Davis this September:D </p>

<p>So this is nothing to worry about…chill … I was just making sure…Anyways…best of luck!</p>

<p>Thanks, I appreciate it!</p>

<p>Yeah, you have a chance, but don’t get too stuck on UC Davis. A couple other schools that are great for computer science are San Jose State University, and Santa Clara University. Location matters, and these two schools are located within easy driving distance to major tech firms in the Silicon Valley.</p>

<p>I suggest you check these schools out, maybe visit these schools, and see what you think. Also, if you decide to apply to Santa Clara, only go there if you get a scholarship that brings the tuition cost down to the UC level.</p>