Chance Me, Please?

<p>Honestly, my personal first choice is not UF, but I realize if I get in I would go there for their med program...and it's not that I don't love the school, I just fell in love with UCF a lot more over the summer. So, here are my stats Fresh-Junior year:</p>

<p>UF GPA: 4.17
13: Honors Classes
1: AP Class
120-130 Community Service Hours</p>

<p>SAT: 1770
Math: 570 (which is 20 points below the lowest average)
Writing: 610
Reading: 590</p>

<p>ACT: 25</p>

<p>Extracurricular Activities:
~President of the National Junior Society
~National Honor Society
~Volleyball Captain
~Homecoming Court
~Middle School Girls Basketball Assistant Coach
~Church Youth Leader
~Church Youth Activity Director
~Church Food Program Volunteer
~Church Music Instructor & Audio/Visual Technician, Vacation Bible School
~Sabbath School Teacher
~Middle School Boys Basketball Team Bookkeeper/Scorekeeper </p>

1. Unanimously nominated to attend the National Youth Leadership State Conference (Freshman year)
2. Elected President of the National Junior Honor Society (Freshman year)
3. Nominated and awarded membership into the National Honor Society (Sophomore year)
4. Unanimously nominated and awarded the Class Leadership Award (Sophomore year)
5. Nominated for Homecoming Princess (Junior Year)
6. Won first place in the School Science Fair (Junior Year)</p>

~Executive Secretary of a Church</p>

<p>Average chance, my inquiry is your choice of UCF over UFL???
Why ???</p>

<p>Average chance, not the best, but average. </p>

<p>@47 I might pick USF over UF, but USF offered some big bucks.</p>

<p>Your SAT scores aren’t too competitive but you make it up with your extra-circulars. Overall you stand an average chance, your major saving grace are those activities. </p>

<p>Now to be honest, when thinking about where to go for your undergraduate, decide on your school based on the atmosphere around it. If you feel comfortable and like UCF more, go for it. You’re going to spending your next 4 years there so it’s best to like the place before attending. </p>

<p>I’m currently attending UFL right now and I love it but that’s because I feel comfortable with a college town.</p>

<p>Thanks, you guys! And honestly the college atmosphere is what it’s all about for me. For some reason, UCF is where I connected with the most this summer.</p>

<p>Since you enjoy you Central Florida more than Florida, Then why even apply to Florida? Karma is a very funny thing. Now the Florida committe Will officially reject your application because they can feel the negative karma your application is putting out towards Florida.</p>

<p>I’d choose for the better education. The atmosphere of UF is old, bricky, red and gothic-y. I like it. And UCF looks more like a modern architecture. Nonetheless, I think the diversity at UF is incomparable to UCF.</p>

<p>On a second note, I think your chances are average.</p>