Chance me, please?

<p>Unfortunately, I am an average student, but I'd really appreciate extra college/university suggestions based on my profile in California, too!</p>

<p>Gender: Female
Grade: Junior
Race: Asian
Ethnicity: Chinese/Vietnamese
State: CA
Hooks: Uh...
Income: < $30k
Not a very competitive high only gets competitive when the 200 magnet students are involved, out of a senior class of approximately 750 students.</p>

<p>GPA: UC UW: 3.2, UW: 3.5, W: 4.0
SAT: 1930 (retaking in September)
SAT IIs: Going to take Math II and US History in June
APs: AP US History, AP Physics A, AP Calculus AB
Honors: English 9 AB, English 10 AB, Geography AB, Algebra 2 AB, Math Analysis/Precalc AB, Physics B, Biology AB, World History AB</p>

<p>It would be prudent to mention here that the reason why my UC GPA is low is because of the fact that I got a D in AP Calculus A last semester (my mother was hospitalized during that semester.) I'm currently retaking the course and passing, so hopefully that grade can be replaced with a B or higher.</p>


<li>Freshman/Sophomore Council (member)</li>
<li>Junior Statesmen of America (member)</li>
<li>Robotics Club (charter member, secretary)</li>
<li>Library Teen Council (member)</li>

<p>I also chaired a fundraiser for the robotics club.</p>

<p>Community service:</p>

<li>Farmers' market volunteer (36 hours, selling bagels, books, manning gates, dog-sitting)</li>
<li>Library volunteer (250+ hours, shelving, straightening, shelf-reading, could go on forever)</li>

<p>Major(s): Business or Communications</p>

<p>College List:
- Cal State Northridge
- San Francisco State University
- Cal Poly SLO
- Pepperdine University
- UC Davis
- UC Merced
- UC Berkeley (A girl can dream, right?)
- USC</p>

<p>"- UC Berkeley (A girl can dream, right?)"
When I read that, I thought “HEY I REMEMBER YOU!”
Haha you’re funny :slight_smile:
Is your UC weighted 4?</p>

<p>@letjustin - Yes it is. And thank you! If college doesn’t work out, I’ll look into improv comedy. xD</p>

<p>If that GPA is capped at 8 weighted semesters and you keep going on this track, then I would say
Cal State Northridge: Safety
San Francisco State University: Safety
Cal Poly SLO: High Match
Pepperdine University: don’t know
FIDM: don’t know
UC Davis: Match
UC Merced: Safety
UC Berkeley: High Match
USC: High Match</p>

<p>I forgot to mention that a low income will help you for California public schools.</p>

<p>Great, thank you! I’m definitely working hard for better grades this year and next year.</p>