Chance me please!

<p>I am from Michigan.
Ethnicity: Asian
GPA: 3.82
Rank: 37/398
I am in National Honor Society, A member of the Asian Club, and I am in Jazz Band.
I took a practice ACT and got a 24. So assuming if my score stay as a 24,
Will I make it into Michigan State University? I want to go to Lymann Briggs and study Pre-Med.</p>

Math: A-, B+, B
Science: A, A, A-
English: A-, A-, A
Spanish: A,A,A
Band: A,A,A
History: A, B+, B+</p>

Math: A,A,A
Science: A-, A, A
English: B+, A, A
Spanish 2: A, A, A
Band: A, A, A
History: A, A-, A</p>

<p>Junior 1st semester:
Hon. Math: C+
Science: A
English: A
Health: A
Band: A
Links: A</p>