Chance Me Please

<p>Currently a Junior from the Chicago area. I'm interested in business and Northwestern left a really good impression on me when I visited
ACT: 34 (will take again)
SAT: 2200 (will take again)
GPA: 3.925 unweighted, 5.016 unweighted (it's a wierd weighting system)
No rank at my school starting this year, but last year I was 1st (or at least tied for 1st), but did get two B's but probably still in top 1% (out of close to 800 students in my grade)</p>

<p>AP Tests:World History-5
Computer Science - 4
US History - 5
As a junior I'm going to take AP Lang, AP Macro, AP Gov't, AP Stat, AP Physics B, and AP Calc BC</p>

<p>SAT subject: US history - 800
I plan to take Math 2 and Chemistry</p>

Honors - Bio, English, Algebra 2, Critical Thinking/ Gifted,
AP World
Spanish 2
All A/A-</p>

Honors - Chem, English, Trig/Calc A, Critical Think/ Gifted (it's a two year class)
AP - Computer Science and US History
Spanish 3
All A/A-</p>

AP- Lang, Macro, Gov't, Stat, Physics B, and Calc BC
Spanish 4
For first semester Physics and Calc I got B+'s and the rest are A's</p>

<p>Senior (going to take):
AP - Lit, Psyc, Bio, Chem, Spanish
Multivariable Calc (technically a college class at U of I so not really AP)</p>

<p>Extracurriculars (I feel like this may be my downfall):
Writer's Workshop
Volunteering at a nursing home
Volunteering at a hospital
Piano (10 yrs + AIM level 10
Hook? - Past two years I went to China and taught students English</p>

<p>your scores and ECs etc. at the moment will probably get you in. I had about the same as you and got in too. but since you’re interested in business, northwestern might not be for you cause they don’t offer a business major/program. the closest thing you’ll get to business at NU is their business institutions minor.</p>

<p>NU is hard to get into, so there is no probably. Your stats look good, but with a ~13% acceptance rate there is no sure thing. That’s not a hook either. A hook is something that basically gives you a special mark. Diversity, legacy, etc, not a, admittedly very interesting EC. You have pretty good chance, but you need to apply to safeties and matches that will financially and academically suit you.</p>

<p>Lolilolololol is wrong though. They may not offer a business program, but that by no means NU isn’t right for you. They have certificates, a great Economics program, and a great business school. Plenty of people get into business through NU, and they know how to handle business students.</p>