Chance me please

<p>Regular Decision
SAT: 1320/1950
GPA uw/w: 4.0/4.6 (weighted could be higher as that includes art/pottery/Pe/lms)
Class Rank: school doesn't rank but ~4/280 (would be 1 but I'm not fluent in Spanish)
Very prestigious private school in florida
Race: Caucasian
Location: Florida</p>

<p>Senior Year Schedule:
- Physics (H)
- Spanish 4(H)
- AP Psychology
- AP Government
- AP Microeconomics
- AP Literature
- AP Calculus AB
APs taken
Human geography/world history/english/chemistry/us history</p>

<p>Honors/Awards: </p>

<p>Principal's List: All As each semester and on midterms/finals
You can't join honor societies until junior year at my school
National Honor Society (11-12)
Science National Honor Society (11-12)
Spanish Honor Society (11-12) Historian
Rho Kappa Social Studies Honor Society (11-12) Treasurer
English Honor Society (11-12)
Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society (11-12)
School's House of Representatives (12)
Ecology Club (9-12)
Leadership Team (10-12)</p>


<p>Community service: 150 hours (food drives, tutoring, coached basketball team)
Football (9)
Basketball (9-12)
Track and Field (11 and will do 12)</p>

<p>Your test scores are low for Duke, but the academic rigor is there, and you seem to be doing well with a challenging course load. However, none of you ECs stand out at all. You are pretty much in honor societies and play sports, which many Duke applicants do. You have average volunteering. So in that regard you don’t stand out either. You need to write incredible essays and having amazing letters of rec in order to have a good shot. Based on what you posted I would say that it is a reach. Good luck! I hope to see you there next year!</p>

<p>Chance back? <a href=“[/url]”></a></p>

<p>Thanks for the reply! I believe it is a reach and I’m applying just in case. I’ll chance back tomorrow for sure.</p>