Chance me please?

<p>FSU is my top choice school. I would be absolutely mortified if I don't get accepted. All of my friends that I talk to about it say that I am going to get accepted, but I just want to hear from other people!
I applied to FSU for the summer session so there is a little bit of more leniency. What are my chances?</p>

<p>i go to a public school in florida, and it's not the most prestigious school in town. i still get a decent education though.</p>

<p>SAT- superscored-1720 (CR:550, M-560, W-610)</p>

<p>ACT- 26 superscored</p>

<p>english: 30
reading: 28
science: 24
essay: 10</p>

<p>Cumm. GPA throughout HS- 3.6667
Unweighted GPA of Junior year- about 3.7
Weighted GPA of Junior year- 4.3 </p>

<p>Community Service- 370, will get 500 by end of senior year</p>

<p>AP Classes: human geo, world, u.s history, lang and comp, currently taking lit, micro, stats, and will be taking gov next semester</p>

<p>Besides AP Classes, I have taken all honors classes when the option was available.</p>

<p>Ranking- 20/about 455, In top 5% as of end of junior year</p>

-Student Government Association- Junior Class Vice President & Student Body Vice President for Senior Year
-BBYO (jewish youth organization)- 4 years, held multiple positions like chapter treasurer, historian, south florida PR chair
-NHS- 2 yrs
-Cross Country-1 Yr
-Track-1 Yr
-Girls' Weightlifting-2 Yr (re-formed club and quadrupled membership)
-In female political club- 2 yrs
-St. Baldricks Foundation Volunteer- Raised almost $1,000-4 years
-National Honor Society
-Childhood cancer foundation club 1 yr
-Key Club 1 yr
-JSU 1 yr
-TEDx volunteer</p>

<p>-In Fashion class all 4 years of high school, this is important to me when applying to FSU because they have a fashion merchandising major i applied for.</p>

<p>I’d be surprised if you did not get in! Although your SAT scores are on the low end of FSU’s range, your GPA, rigorous course load, and great class rank will surely make up for it. As long as your essay was written decently, you should be golden.</p>

<p>You are good to go.</p>