Chance Me, please :)

Hi guys! So with decisions in our midst, I’m really worried about UCI not accepting me, so prepare me for what is most likely to happen, please!


  • [] SAT I (breakdown):
    May 2014: 700 Reading, 660 Math, 640 Writing, 2000 Composite
    March 2014: 680 Reading, 680 Math, 690 Writing, 2050 Composite
    ] ACT (breakdown):
    April 2014: 33 English, 29 Math, 33 Reading, 32 Science, 32 Composite
    September 2014: 34 English, 31 Math, 35 Reading, 30 Science, 33 Composite
    December 2014: 30 English, 33 Math, 31 Reading, 32 Science, 32 Composite
    [] SAT II: 690 - Biology E (I took it while I was in AP Bio, so it didn’t go so well) 760 - Math Lvl 2
    ] Unweighted GPA: 3.75
    [] Weighted GPA: 4.25
    ] Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): School doesn’t rank
    [] AP (place score in parenthesis): Spanish Language (5), Computer Science A (3), Art History (5)
    ] IB (place score in parenthesis): N/A
    [] Senior Year Course Load: Calculus AB, AP Literature, AP Government, AP Microeconomics, AP Biology, Physics Honors, AVID Senior Seminar
    ] Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.): QuestBridge National College Match - Finalist, NHRS, RYLA (regional award)


[] Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis): Girls Incorporated, 4 years (Girls Ambassador). Key Club (4 years), Association of Latino Students (created designs for posters and t-shirts), California Scholarship Federation (4 years), Link Cru Leader, AVID since 7th grade
] Job/Work Experience: Intern at pharmaceutical company (Inventory and scanning lab reports into interactive PDFs)
Clean houses and cater parties on the weekend with mom
[] Volunteer/Community service: 250+ hours (Big Brothers Big Sisters, Key Club, CSF, tutored people for free)
] Summer Activities: Math Intensive Summer Session at CSUF (summer between sophomore and junior year)
Externship Program - Girls Incorporated (junior/senior year)
Internship at a local pharmaceutical company (133 hours total)
[] Essays: First one I used for my QuestBridge application, talked about how my mother’s residency status has pushed me to persevere and work for both of us. Second one was about my curiosity and affinity towards learning (wrote the night before so not amazing)
] Teacher Recommendation: N/A
[] Counselor Rec: N/A
] Additional Rec: N/A
[] Interview: N/A
] Supplementary Material (portfolio, etc.): N/A
[li] Other awards: Two school wide excellence awards, two teacher recognition awards, honor roll every semester, AP Scholar, AVID recognition awards. [/li][/ul]


  • [] Applied for Financial Aid?: Yes
    ] State (if domestic applicant): CA (in local area)
    [] Country (if international applicant): USA
    ] School Type: Public, competitive
    [] Ethnicity: Hispanic
    ] Gender: Female
    [] Income Bracket: < $20,000
    ] Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.):URM, first generation, single mother, (does majoring in engineering count?)

You’ll get in, don’t worry at all. :slight_smile: