Chance me? Please!

unweighted GPA: 3.9, weighted: 4.3
ACT Superscore: 32 (28 - Math, 32 - Science, 33 - English, 36 - Reading)
I’ve worked year-round since Sophomore year
National Honor Society Member
3 Leadership positions held in clubs/school organizations
Co-founder of a club
Taken 5 APs

Probably applying early decision.

Is that all you need?
The highest percentage I’ve gotten on those “Chance Calculator” websites is a 27%, which is worrying me. What else should I do? Should I take the ACT again?

Thank you

You are definitely a solid candidate with the potential to get into some very good schools. It all depends on where you are applying, though. It may be easier to chance you if you have some ideas. Your ACT score is very solid, though, I wouldn’t worry about it. You might want to consider taking the SAT just to see how you do, but you certainly don’t have to.

What schools should I be chancing you for? It’s really hard to chance you if you don’t say what schools you’re aiming for lol. If the question is if you’ll get into a good school, you almost definitely will.
Chance me?

Oh sorry! I thought I posted this on the Dartmouth page. I’m pretty sure that’s my first choice.

Unless there’s some outstanding EC that you haven’t mentioned, I think your chances for Dartmouth are slim.
It’s a reach for everyone, but your ACT score is average, and you haven’t listed any SATs or SAT 2s.
Getting 5s in all your APs, along with 780+ in 2 subject tests would make you a stronger competitor. Develop another EC that makes you stand out. Brainstorm.

Just a question: what do you like about Dartmouth? I’m considering it, but I’m not sure about it.

Dartmouth doesn’t superscore the ACT. What is your best composite score?

Your GPA and ACT are discordant. Move that ACT into 34 range and you’ll be safe on that front.
That being said, no one is a match for the Ivy League. These schools should always be treated as reaches. There’s just no good chance for admission, no matter how exceptional. These schools could fill their classes twice over with qualified, denied applicants.