Chance me Please!

Asian male, not in trouble financially (unhooked)

GPA: 3.67 (did not put in as much effort freshman year, strong upward trend).

ACT Score: 32 (took this June with absolutely no prep, planning on taking it again in September, and maybe October. Goal is 34+)

Class Rank: School technically doesn’t rank, but I think I’m at least top 15-20%, not excellent

School Difficulty: Private School, one of the top 5 schools in the state of Nebraska

AP Classes: AP US History (5), AP English Language and Comp (5), AP Human Geography (5), AP Chinese, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP US Government, AP Microeconomics, AP Calculus AB (ones without scores is senior year classes)


Assisted with research of the genetic factors associated with acute myeloid leukemia at the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Deparment of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Very active on my speech and debate team- Team captain this year. This activity usually involves me going to speech and debate tournaments almost every Friday and Saturday from November-March, then national tournaments in May-June. Listed in the NFL All State rankings, qualifier for both the National Catholic Forensic League Tournament and the NSDA National Tournament (Senate) in Congresional Debate, 6th place overall and Outstanding Final Session Presiding Officer of the NSCTA State Congressional Debate Tournament.

Involvement in local government- Served as a comissioner on our city’s Mayor’s Youth Advisory Commission, where we worked together on a presentation to the Mayor and many superintendent of major local school districts on what tactics we can use to empower youth and lead them towards regular civic engagement.

Boys’ State- Gubernatorial primary candidate, copy editor for the Boys’ State newspaper, elected to State Legislature (named best legislator of the session)

2014 midterm election season- Volunteered via helping campaign for one of our state’s United States Senate candidates, and got paid for helping campaign for my district’ United States House of Representatives candidate. Wrote multiple published letters to the editor talking about the candidate which I backed and other specific policy issues.

Internships- Planning on seeking one out with my state Americans for Prosperity chapter this year? Also planning on getting in contact with my local state senator to see if I can have the opportunity to work with him.

Unfortunately, did not run for Student Council.

How do my ECs look? With the exception of the UNMC work (since I am still debating on doing premed/medicine), I have tried to craft my ECs to exemplify the fact that I am really politically active and enjoy the subject, and am mainly looking toward a career in business/law, then running for office. However, they do seem kind of weak compared to others I’ve seen on CC (outstanding national awards, etc).

With that in mind, please chance me for:
New York University (Early Decision, so what do you think are my chances for applying ED?)
University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill
Boston College
Tufts University
Boston University
The Ohio State University
University of Southern California
UC San Diego
George Washington University
American University
Pennsylvania State University- University Park
Emory University
Fordham University
University of Texas-Austin
Southern Methodist University
Creighton University (hopefully safety)

Thank you so much for your help!

Also forgot to add that I will be taking SAT II History and Math I in September. Also, I feel that my essays will be strong.

You will be absolutely fine with PSU and probably Fordham. I got into both with a 32 and around the same level of ECs. As for NYU, I feel like its 50/50, unless you apply to Stern, then its gonna be more of a stretch. I don’t have enough knowledge on the rest of your schools to chance you, sorry.


also I forgot to add that my family is prepared to pay full tuition, I just need to get in!



New York University-Match
University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill- High Match
Boston College- Math
Tufts University-Low Reach
Boston University- Low Match
The Ohio State University- Safety
University of Southern California- High Match
UC San Diego-Match
George Washington University-Match
American University-Low Match
Pennsylvania State University- University Park-Low Match
Emory University-Low Reach
Fordham University
University of Texas-Austin- Low Reach (Mainly because of out of state)