Chance me please!

Hi everyone I’m an Indian Male in TN and I would like to know how competitive I am at a Maryland.

My stats are :

3.45 UW GPA (this can become a 3.55 at the end of 1st semester senior year).
4.04 W GPA (this can become a 4.13 at the end of 1st semester senior year).
35 ACT (36 Superscore)
1420 PSAT
SAT 2’s Scores Pending (Math 2 & Physics)
Full IB Diploma Curriculum (5 HL classes and 1 SL)

EC’s (simplified list):

3 years varsity soccer
3 years MUN
2 years Robotics
2 years Knowledge Bowl
1 year History Bowl
2 years Badminton Club
Attended Advanced Space Academy for 1 week, earned one undergrad credit.
Attended Harvard Summer School for 7 weeks, earned eight undergrad credits.
10 Week Research with a College Professor
2 year Intern at an IT firm
Secretary Badminton Club
Co-President Astronomy Club
Co-President of ACT/SAT Tutoring group

Trend: Very Good 9th grade, OK 10th Grade, Bad 11th Grade, Hopefully Very Good 12th Grade

School doesn’t have class rank.

Thank you!

I was going to write that you had a decent chance, other than your GPA being a little low(I’m also assuming the sat is out of 1600, not quite sure how the new one works) . However that trend of grades getting worse is a little worrying. You’re going to either have to explain that somehow in an essay or somewhere on the common app. Colleges tend to like to see the opposite trend to show improvement. This isn’t to say you’ll be outright denied but it will definitely throw a red flag when they review your application.