Chance Me Please

Hello everyone, I want to know if I have a shot at being accepted into Boston University. I would pusue a double major in environmental science and business administration with a concentration in entrepreneurship. My grades are average as you can see, but I want you to take a close look at my extra curriculars, because that’s where I really shine.

GPA - 5.35 out of 6 (weighted)
SAT - 1250
APs - 4 (Chemistry (3), Biology (4), AP Statistics (?), AP Physics (?))
Honors - All my other classes
NHS - Senior Year

Cross Country - 3 years (had to resign due to medical condition)
Outdoor Track and Field - 2 years (had to resign due to medical condition)
Indoor Track and Field - 2 years (had to resign due to medical condition)

Local Science Fair - 1st place engineering, 3rd place overall

Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair - 3rd place award, William K. Richardson Patent Award ($11,000 dollars of legal patenting services for my environmental research project) only two projects recieved this. I will have a patent pending on my environmental technology by the time applications are due.

Extra Curriculars:
CEO of Sea Blue Company Incorporated - Jobs posting and e-commerce website for maritime businesses. Expected to have anywhere between 10 to 25 vendors posting jobs and products on the website.

International RYSE Youth Council (Rising Youth for a Sustainable Earth) - I hold one of 20 spots on the international council and am helping facilitate the Earth Guardians environmental movement through the perspective of a scientist and entrepreneur. I have some really cool info about a major philanthropic action I am doing that combines efforts from Sea Blue Company and Earth Guardians for anyone who is interested.

Ban the Plastic Bag Initiative - Worked with the team who banned single use plastic check out bags from 6 of the 7 towns in my community. Established a successful bylaw. All this work was done under a volunteering basis, which totals to over 150 hours.

Internship with Trustees of Reservations - The trustees is the largest statewide conservation group, and is the oldest in the entire country. I have a major interest in the environment.

A bunch of other small stuff that a lot of other high school students have. Clubs, community service, etc.

I think it is a match, possibly even low match.

However, I don’t know if you are aware, but enviro science (actually not a major anymore, it is now ‘earth and environmental science’) is in CAS; business admin is, I BELIEVE, a Questrom major which is a different college.

You can’t double major across colleges.

What you can try to do is a dual degree, which is quite a bit more work as you are literally getting two degrees from two different schools. There is a higher credit requirement, and you have to deal with a lot of potential scheduling conflicts in terms of classes. It is possible to complete dual degree in four years, but one misstep could potentially mean another year of BU tuition. Yikes. You might instead want to consider a minor in business admin.? That is definitely possible while in CAS and, depending on your future goals, may be enough of an intro to the business field?