Chance Me Please

State: IL
GPA: weighted- 3.5/4.0 (B’s and A’s)
haven’t taken SAT yet (predicting 28)
No class rank at my school, I go to a top high school in my state
Freshman yr: Bio reg, French 2, English 1 Honors, Geo reg, World History Honors
Sophomore: Chem reg, French 3 Honors, English 2 Honors, Alg 2 w/ Trig reg, AP Euro
Junior (this year): Physics Honors, French 4 Honors, AP English Lang, Pre-Calc reg, AP US History
Senior (what I plan to take): AP Bio, French 5 Honors (my school doesn’t have AP French), AP English Literature, AP Calc AB or AP Stat, independent study under my old AP Euro teacher

Student Council: class rep (Freshman), Secretary/Treasurer (Sophomore), Junior student liaison (Junior), student liaison (Senior - it’s an inherited position)
French Club: all 4 years (sophomore-senior: secretary and treasurer)
Orchestra: since 4th grade; Chamber orchestra (Freshman), Concert Orchestra and Honors Orchestra (Sophomore-Senior); I spend about 15-17 hours on orchestra per week
Job: McDonalds crew member; 18 hours a week (Junior year-present)
National Student Leadership Conference (was invited, and am thinking about applying)

Other: I’m a black girl from a single-parent home, lower-middle class, and I live in a house built by Habitat for Humanity. However, I do live in a town of about 27,000 people, 85% white and upper-middle class.

Have you received a decision from Spelman yet?

No, I’m a junior, so I won’t be applying for a bit.

You definitely have a good chance of getting in!

Ok, thank you so much!