Chance me please?!

Hi wondering if someone can chance me for Fairfield U and St Joes? I applied EA to both.

Stats: GPA 3.37 SAT: 1220/1600 ACT: 26
Freshman and sophomore year all honors courses
Junior year 3 APs. All honors everything else
senior year 3 APs all honors everything else

I also started my own business, and am in a student leadership club. I was a 4 year varsity athlete and am in many clubs and have good EC and a good essay.


hi, you will most likely get in. I was accepted today and i had a 3.37. No AP’s, 3 year varsity, a job all throughout high school. I am an OOS student. I also did worse on SAT’s but didnt submit them.

that was for saint joes university