Chance me please?

Hello there, let me explain myself. I am only a current sophomore in high school. I look to going into communications/journalism or mathematics, here is what I currently have and what I will have by the end of high school when I graduate. I am from Omaha, Nebraska at Westside High School. Please keep in mind that my end of high school part is only a theoretical belief of where I will stand, a majority of it is actually set in stone for the future.

Also, my mom graduated top 10% of her law school class and is an alumni to Creighton university.


  • cumulative GPA 3.74
  • all honors and AP student
  • Copy editor of yearbook
  • journalism wide coordinator (student life coordinator specifically)
  • competing in journalism nationals in Spring (at Seattle)
  • varsity debate
  • varsity speech
  • mock trial captain
  • all state speech (freshman year)
  • in one AP course (Human geography)
  • JV tennis
  • French Club Leader
  • 19th Nebraska and 22nd nationally on national french test
  • top 20% of my grade
  • SK (leader and service work at camp)
  • co-founder of WHS’ Womens Empowerment club


  • cumulative 3.8
  • six years of mathematics classes (algebra 1, advanced algebra, honors geometry, pre-calculus, AP Calc AB, AP stats)
  • AP classes: Human Geography, Calculus AB, Stats, Composition, US history, physics, economics, government, English literature, sociology (total of 11)
  • EIC of Yearbook (set in stone for junior and senior year already)
  • Captain of Debate team (set in stone for junior and senior year)
  • Captain of Speech team (set in stone for junior and senior year)
  • Varsity tennis (11 and 12th)
  • 700+ service hours (working at camp gets around 130 per week, teaching theater and volunteering at local theater, judging at tournaments)
  • Cannot predict ACT/SAT scores (will be in 30’s range for sure)

Please let me know my chances, I know I shouldn’t be uber worried about college now, yet, it’s just something that has been striking my mind for several months now. Thank you!!!

@fowlerchloe8 Although I don’t tend to like chance threads because it is impossible to know if a student will be accepted or not I do want to put your mind at ease. Our son recently was accepted at Creighton. His GPA was a bit higher than yours (but again he is now a senior) and he had a ACT of 31. Make sure in the fall you register for an official visit on campus so they know you are interested. Also make sure you prep for either the ACT or SAT, whatever suits you best. I hope this helps…your record looks fine.

Your chances will be fine as long as your ACT score is pretty good (30s is more than fine).

You seem like you will definitely be accepted. I am out of state (Rhode Island), and I was accepted with a 31 ACT and similar stats

I had a 27 on my ACT and 3.0 W / 2.8 UW GPA, and I got in. I think my essay was really well done, but still, you should be pretty safe.

This makes me feel better. My son would like to go there and has a 28 ACT but needs to retake and do prep class and has a 3.0 but is from a really difficult college prep high school. I am hoping he has a chance.