Chance me please!

Hi! I would really appreciate it if someone with experience could chance me at U of M.

Indian Citizen, Male

  1. SAT- 1510 (Composite), 1570 (Superscore)
  2. SAT 2- 800 Math 2
  3. High School Grades- Straight A1s throughout 9th and 10th (10 CGPA) and 90% in 11th and 12th (Midterms)
  4. ECAs- School Debate Team Captain, Environment Club Captain, Tons of Social Service (Including work in remote Indian villages), MUN Director General, Research Paper, Performing arts etc.
  5. Hoping for stellar LORs
  6. No Aid required
  7. 9.5/10 essays, put a lot of effort into them
  8. Applying EA

I know Internationals have a lower chance to get in because it is a Public university, but still…

UMich does not superscore and 1510 is above admission average but within mid 50. Your uwGPA should be around 3.95 but with a slightly downward trend. It is hard to judge GPA and course rigor of a foreign high school, but these are most important for UMich admission. What is your intended major? It seems your chance would be like an average OOS applicant which has an admission rate of ~20%.

Hi, thanks for the reply. Our scoring system is completely different to that of the US but I can tell you that I have always finished among the top 3 in my class (Probably mentioned in my LORs). I do have rigorous coursework (History, Econ and Mathematics). My intended major is also History. Is being an Int’l the same as being OOS though? Like is China= California?

“Are international the same as OOS?”
It depends, but mostly not likely. If you are from China, it would be more competitive.

I have made a thread about this but no one’s answered so I am going to post it here:

Ross Business School: should I apply pre-admit?

Although I am interested in applying for the Ross School of Business as a preferred admission freshman candidate, I heard that if you got denied from Ross pre-admit, then you cannot apply for it again at the end of your freshman year if you decide to enroll in UMich. Is this true? If so, where is the source for this? Can I re-apply to Ross if I enrolled into another university freshman year?

The thing is, I have no extracurriculars centered around business. I only considered business/finance as a potential career last summer, and even now, I still am not really sure what I want to major in. The chances I have of getting rejected from Ross are much higher than my chances of getting in. If what I said above is true, wouldn’t it be a better idea for me to try getting admitted into LSA freshman year, build my interest in business 2nd semester of HS senior year and freshman year (maybe start my own business, join DECA, FBLA, start a finance related club?), and then apply to Ross at the end of freshman year?

I simply don’t want to take any chances just because I have no background in business. Any advice would be appreciated.

@TeriyakiSauce1516 According to your stats, you would have a good chance of getting in. You better have a good chance, because I have lower stats than you and if you don’t get in, then I am screwed. :wink:

@LizzieSamuels hahaha you never know what the admissions committee thinks of you! As far as you Ross question goes, I don’t think it is a good idea to apply there if your app isn’t strong enough (EC-wise). I think applying to LSA is a better option as because it’s a liberal arts school, you don’t really have to stick to your declared major and can easily switch once admitted.

Even you are within the admission range, the admission rate is still pretty low. There are just too many good candidates.

@TeriyakiSauce1516 : “you don’t really have to stick to your declared major and can easily switch once admitted.” Switching to a major in another college may not be so easy; for example, switching from LSA to COE is not automatic by any means.

@LizzieSamuels When you apply as a pre-admit to Ross, you first have to be accepted into a freshmen admitting school, (i.e. LSA). Once you are accepted, then Ross looks at your application. So you can be admitted into LSA, but not Ross with the same application