Chance me please! :)

Hi all, I’m currently a junior interested in seeing what her college chances are.

I am a US citizen, female, third generation college student, and a Virginia resident.

GPA: 4.41 (as of the end of first semester, but with one week in the school year left, my GPA by the end of this year should be around 4.62)

CLASS RANK: Not sure, but not top 10 but at the very least top 50

SAT: 1450 (will retake in August)

ECs and other stuff:
Been in the IB program since 6th grade, currently going for my IB diploma
Debate & Forensics team captain (for PF, we’ve placed 1st & 2nd in regionals, 1st in states for original oratory)
Layout Editor for school culture and arts magazine
Vice President of Key Club (service club)
Volunteer at a children’s care center
Volunteer in rehab therapy at a hospital (total volunteer hours: 100+)
National Honor Society
Mu Alpha Theta
Science National Honor Society
Published artist & high merit in Celebrating Art contests for most of the past 4 years
Freelance artist & I sell my original artwork
Writer & artist for 2 self-published webcomics
I work as a hostess at a restaurant

All IB so I didn’t really have many choices for 9th and 10th grade lol (history, English, math, art, etc.)

This year I took double sciences (bio and chem) and Mathematics SL (my school does not offer Mathematics HL.) Next year I am planning on taking Chem HL and Bio SL, as well as AP Calc AB.

FUTURE PLANS: Double major in a science and art

I know my resume is not very impressive but thankfully my standards/expectations are not too high I think. Here are the schools that I am interested in (in order):

University of Virginia
William and Mary
University of Chicago
Washington University in St. Louis
University of Washington
Wake Forest

  • some art schools but I've got Portfolio day for advice!

The last 4 schools I listed are reaches for me and ones that I’m only partially interested in attending. I’d mainly like to hear what you think my chances are for UVA and William and Mary are. Thanks for reading!