Chance me please!

Hi, these are my stats, does anybody think I’ll get into the school and/or the honors program?

1500 SAT
94 W GPA
2 AP classes
5 Honors classes
Decent extracurriculars (a lot of volunteering and work experience)
Good essays
Good recommendations
I’ve met with the president of the Honors program and have talked a lot with the admissions office
I plan on majoring in Psychology
I’m out of state

Any insight would be really helpful! Thank you!

Hi, I’m a current student in the Honors Program and I know the application process for both Marist and Honors is not just based on stats. Other factors like leadership potential, community service, undergraduate research, and cultural awareness are all important and considered in the decision process. I’m not an admissions counselor, but definitely apply and keep expressing interest in the Honors Program!

@justjp Thank you so much for responding!! The fact that it’s not based solely on stats is honestly a relief because I’ve seen people getting in with much higher GPAs than mine. I already applied and I think my application is based a lot around community service and cultural awareness so. hopefully this works out haha. I think the honors program is really interesting so thank you for answering!