Chance Me Please!

I’m a current senior at a public high school in the US.
My weighted GPA is 4.37 for now and unweighted is 3.92.
However, my senior classes are quite hard, so I have B’s in two subjects (Math and English) right now. I am trying to raise it up for the semester.
I had straight A’s for freshman and sophomore year.
In total I took 8 AP Classes and my scores are as follows:
Bio 4/5
Pysch 4/5
Chem 5/5
Stats 5/5
Lang 4/5
I took 3 SAT II, and here are my scores:
Chinese 800/800 (yes I am a first generation immigrant from China, but I hold the US Passport now. I don’t know if this makes any difference)
Chem 780/800
Bio 730/800
Math II 780/800
I took SAT twice, and my scores were 1440 and 1450, English 690 and Math 770 if superscored.
I want to study Pharmaceutical Chemistry at UofT.
Is there any chance for me to get in??? I feel like my scores are on the low side…

Hi the reason no one replied is because it’s very very obvious you’re going to get accepted ?