Chance me please!


I am patiently waiting for EA decisions to come out on Friday. While I wait, I was wondering if someone could chance me! I am pretty nervous, as I am an out of state student, but I’m hoping for the best!


  • From NC
  • SAT: 1340
  • ACT: 30
  • UGA GPA: 4.0

I have strong essays, extra curriculars, etc., but I know these aren’t as important during EA. I know my stats aren’t right at the top, but just wanted to hear some opinions!


@ba157 No one here can really “chance you” unless they are a UGA admissions officer secretly giving out info. Your best bet is to look at Naviance (if your school uses it) to see how last year’s applicants have done from your HS. Otherwise, go to UGA’s Common Data Set or look at the Class of 2023 Profile on UGA’s website. Based on those figures, your SAT & ACT aren’t the highest for OOS, but I really don’t know any more than that and neither does anyone else.

In state versus out of state doesn’t matter at Georgia. They can take state residency into account when making admissions decisions so the data from last year’s applications should give you a pretty good idea. Good luck!

We have the same stats! (except I’m not sure of my UGA recalculated GPA) Good luck!